Another drop…

I'm having my ass kicked at the moment. Well and truly kicked. I keep getting back up though of course, I think I just need to accept that it's ok to lie down and recover for a bit first though.

How do you not be a shit wife/daughter/employee/friend though when you're having your ass kicked? I don't know the answer, I'm asking.

I'm finding myself more irritable, a lot less attractive and a lot less funny. I'm basically more of a chore to be around now I think. It's only temporary (I hope) but how long is temporary because I'm bored now.

I don't want husband to feel sad or miserable for or about me. I guess this is our "in sickness or in health" moment. I don't want to bring him down and I'm trying to be positive all the time, but I feel exhausted and demotivated and I feel ill!

What I'm also struggling with is that work/my career is having to take a back seat. I'm not on top form and luckily I work for a company who are really supportive and enable me to work flexibly, but in turn I need to accept that it's ok not to be in front at the moment. It's ok to take some time for self healing and recovery.

Ok, it's a short one today. But yeah, dropped to 3mg yesterday and feel like I've been beaten in and around the face with a baton. And my brain feels mushy. And I'm so so so so tired.


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